How to Get Started with Portia Chandler?

The #1 Reason that Businesses Fail has nothing to do with the lack of dollars spent on marketing, but the disconnect between the message in the marketing and the prospect to which the marketing message was intended for Phil Guye

  1. Schedule an Initial Consultation ($750.00 2 Hour MAX)
  2. Review Business Analysis Usually Delivered 3-4 Days after the initial consultation
  3. Sign Monthly Agreement/Retainer Contract | Set Up Payment Details
  4. Accept Invitation to Join Our Private Communication Board & Meet The Team
  5. Do it But Do it BIG!

You Choose three Social Media Platforms and we get them set-up, optimized and ready for your unique audience. We will implement our recommendations and feedback to insure that your networks have an authentic feel.

You Supply your logos, graphics, content,  images and video, and leave the rest to us.

**Monthly Retainers vary from one client or project to the next depending on the required work/hours needed to meet our clients expectations. You will receive a proposed estimate in your initial consultation analysis within 5 business days.

I look forward to working with your Business and or Brand, I love marrying Talent with Technology and seeing the offspring of a match made online.

As I always say, if you are going to do it, do it BIG!