Well maybe a little. Have you ever wanted to exceed & excel at something but no matter how hard you tried you just couldn’t get your breakthrough? Well I, may be able to help you go from Motivated to Inspired & then from Inspiration to Dedication until you have mastered your vision for your personal success.

My name is Portia Chandler, founder of askportia.com. I help my clients with their internet marketing and promotion needs through web development, web site promotion and helping them incorporate their eMarketing with their overall marketing plan. Tell me about your current business?

Some companies call my job project management or technical team leading. I help teams reach their goal better/faster/cheaper by welding radically different perspectives into a single team effort, avoiding wasted or dead-end efforts. Do you know of any companies that might need that kind of leader for a team of tech specialists?”

I train others to live productive! I connect people to computers. I create simple, effective user interfaces that make it easier for people to do their jobs. Would you like me to simplify your workplace?

Topics or Expertise:

Would you like me to simplify your workplace?
Social Media Management
Web Applications
Gadgets & Computers
Design & Branding
Printing & Public Speaking
Plan of Action
Marketing Strategy
Business Plans
Word Press Specialist
Adobe Freak!
Voice Over Talent
Training Calls & Business Coaching
Infomercial for Online Video

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