5 Ways to Market Your Business Using Car Signs

Car Magnets Are Among the More Popular Ways of Advertising Your Business.

Your car or truck will become a rolling billboard and will be visible to potential customers. Many entrepreneurs with small advertising budgets use magnetic car signs to promote their online businesses. Make sure that you do not make your design too busy, because it make compete with your contact information: which is the most important information someone can write down when viewing your car in a rolling state. Car Magnets also known as car signs are a great way to promote your business while your car is parked outside of your work place.

5 Ways to Market Your Business Using Car Signs

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  • Park your car towards the end of the parking lot when you make quick stops to Walmart, Walgreen’s, Target, or restaurants. By doing do others will have a better chance of seeing your car sign from a still position.
  • Remember to remove your Car Signs in extremely hot temperatures. When it is really hot sometimes signs have the tendency to bid you farewell!!
  • Use bright colors with a bold contrasting color for your contact information. For example a black text looks awesome on a bright yellow background
  • Leave a business card holder on your car so people walking up to your car to write your number down can grab your business card instead.
  • Ask your friends, family & love ones to sport your car signs for maximum exposure!!!

Do You Need Car Magnets For Your Business?

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